To learn more about THERAPY CUBE™, read the answers to the 7 most frequently asked questions

1. What is THERAPY CUBE™ and how will it help you?

THERAPY CUBE™ is a device that is behind more than 25 years of intensive research in the field of regeneration of the motoric apparatus and support of blood circulation through the action of sonic vibrations in different frequencies.

The patented Sonic pulse core technology together with infrared effectively regenerates muscles and, through vibrations in targeted areas, help the healing processes in the body. The overall effect of the therapy has a positive effect throughout the entire body, and thus brings relief and help not only in the regeneration of traumatic or sports injuries, but also in commonly widespread diseases of the motoric and nervous system. Scientists around the world have been studying the effects of vibration exercise since the 1970s. In 1987, vibration exercise became in gymnastics a part of top sport.

However, the THERAPY CUBE™ device was not only created from the knowledge of modern, but also traditional Chinese medicine. Improvements in Qi-blood circulation, which is not considered a relevant factor in modern medicine, have also been proven. You can learn more about the Qi-blood circulation in the study Mechanisms of Qi-blood circulation and Qi deficiency syndrome in view of blood and interstitial fluid circulation – ScienceDirect.

2. What is infrared sonic vibration therapy?

Sonic vibration therapy with the support of infrared is a rehabilitation method that works not only on its own, but also in combination with other treatment, therapy, or training. Its principle consists in the combination of sonic vibrations penetrating the body to the core of the cells under the action of infrared, which helps to amplify the effect of the vibrations.

The patented Sonic pulse core technology represents the absolute top in this type of therapy. Through research and studies, scientists have found that to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to use different vibration frequencies for different areas of the body. That's why THERAPY CUBE™ is easy and clear to operate and focused on your chosen body parts. Frequency modulation during this procedure will allow you to focus the therapy directly on solving your specific problem.

Due to its positive effect on blood circulation, the therapy is also extremely suitable as a prevention of diseases and release of tension in the muscle structure. It also has a calming effect and studies show, among other things, an improved psychological state of patients. THERAPY CUBE™ is therefore also suitable for relaxation and stress prevention.

3. Why is THERAPY CUBE™ important for athletes?

For maximum sports results and excellent condition.

Effective training

Based on research on the effect of vibrations on the muscles before, during or after training, scientists have found a significant effect of vibrations on the growth, flexibility, and explosive power of the muscles. The achieved results show that regular training supported by vibration procedures significantly increases the effectiveness of training.

Muscle strength and elasticity

In a model group of 28 men, vibration training was targeted at different muscle groups, and electromyography revealed an increase in maximum isometric muscle strength of up to 49.8%. One of the data also showed a wider spread of up to 14.5 cm. All these are data for therapy practiced 3 times a week for three weeks.

Another study showed a significant increase in static and dynamic strength of one of the major knee muscles (quadriceps femoris).

P. Giorgos demonstrated during the vibration training of 24 sprinters (for 6 weeks) an improvement of 3.6-7.8% in running speed, frequency and length of step, height of vertical jump and other measured parameters.

Quick regeneration

Sonic vibration support helps anabolic processes in the body, which are also important for the increase in muscle mass after training e.g. Thus THERAPY CUBE™ immediately after training helps to set the processes in muscle cells correctly and supports the speed of regeneration of cells of muscle groups. In practice, this means more effective training in less time.

Pain reduction after training

Vibration stimulation positively affects the polymodal nociceptors of skin pain perception, as well as Ruffini and Vater-Paccini corpuscles, which improve the sensory threshold of pain perception. It has been shown that vibratory stimulation applied to muscles or tendons produces analgesic effects both at the time of stimulation and immediately after. Lundenberg came to this conclusion in his study already in 1984.

Prevention of sports injuries

The THERAPY CUBE™ sonic vibrations combined with infrared significantly help the muscle groups involved in the extension. The proven improvement of elasticity, strength, explosiveness, muscle regeneration and overall improvement of condition across the entire body results in a multiply improved resistance to sports injuries. This group includes fatigue injuries as well as injuries caused by overload during training. This positive influence is discussed in their studies by dozens of renowned researchers in the field of elite sports.

Summary of studies of the effects of vibration training (VBWT) to the body

4. Why is THERAPY CUBE™ important for seniors?

For the prevention of diseases and the joy of movement.

Zmiernenie priebehu chronických ochorení

Constant muscle support and movement support increases vital functions and enables more activity, based on which the body gains natural immunity. Current research has shown an increased incidence of chronic diseases rising proportionally depending on the mobility of geriatric patients. THERAPY CUBE™ helps by supporting the mobility of the patient by activating the muscles to prevent and treat chronic diseases. The vibration frequencies of the device penetrate the entire body with distant vibration, which further supports the effect of mitigating the occurrence and impact of chronic diseases.

Prevention and help in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

The study-proven improvement of blood circulation and the lymphatic system is one of the main benefits of the vibration procedure for the patient. The quality of blood circulation is extremely important for the heart and lungs. Regular procedures support the functionality of the heart muscle. Unlike the bloodstream, the lymphatic system does not have a pump in the form of a heart and relies solely on the body's muscles for circulation. A more functional lymphatic system prevents the absorption of toxins into the body, making the cardiovascular system significantly more resistant to diseases. Doctors recommend THERAPY CUBE™ not only as an aid in treatment, but also as an effective means of preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Prevention and help in the treatment of movement disorders

Motion disease is a major problem in elder age. Excellent results in building better musculature of athletes indicate the practical use of THERAPY CUBE™ for seniors as well. Studies on the positive effect of sound vibrations on muscle groups confirm significant improvements in muscle flexibility and strength. The positive effect is also demonstrable for the joints during their regeneration. THERAPY CUBE™ thus increases the quality of movement of seniors, and at the same time keeps their body in condition, which is essential for the proper functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system.

More active mind

Increased mobility or the benefits of a better functioning blood and lymphatic system enable better blood flow to the brain and more complex production of hormones in the body even in less active seniors. This demonstrably affects not only the functioning of cognitive functions. For seniors undergoing procedures in THERAPY CUBE™, resistance to mood swings, decreased depression, and increased interest in their environment were noted. Already after 6 weeks of regular procedures, a significant increase in the ability to communicate and improvement of reactions to environmental stimuli was noted.

Injury prevention

Falls or other injuries are a frequent concern not only for seniors, but also for their loved ones. In elder age, they have unpleasant effects on the whole organism. The positive effect of vibration therapy on the whole body is manifested by less lability during movement, more flexible and stronger muscles, which significantly reduces the likelihood of an accident or injury. Faster reflexes together with a more agile body give the senior the opportunity to react to potential stimuli more effectively than before therapy.

5. How is THERAPY CUBE™ beneficial for everyday life?

The THERAPY CUBE™ procedure has many benefits for everyday life. To the question: "Tell us in which areas of life have regular procedures helped you?", the respondents answered that the THERAPY CUBE™ procedures helped them with problems such as:

  • excessive stress and depression,
  • dysfunctional digestion and other digestive problems,
  • low performance or excessive fatigue,
  • headache, spine, and joint pain,
  • menstrual pain,
  • poor sleep quality and insomnia,
  • overweight.

6. Use of THERAPY CUBE™ in practice. How to do it?

THERAPY CUBE™ is space-saving, simple to handle and very easy to use. Open the door and enter the THERAPY CUBE™. Sit comfortably and enter on the control panel which parts of the body the therapy should focus on. The intensity of the vibrations and the temperature can be regulated so that the therapy is comfortable for you. The recommended length of one procedure is 10 minutes.

For athletes, a 10-minute therapy is suggested immediately before and after training. In two-phase training – before and after the strength phase.

For seniors, it is recommended to undergo one, max. two 10-minute procedures per day, e.g., morning and evening. It is important for seniors to make sure that they feel pleasant and comfortable during therapy.

THERAPY CUBE™ is an excellent relaxation agent for home use, the maximum daily number of procedures for one person is 3.

Before using THERAPY CUBE™ for the first time, read the instructions manual included in each package.

7. Where to get THERAPY CUBE™ procedure?

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